About Engagements


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    The CTO of a technically progressive organization, where you are the subject-matter-experts in your LOB, and are in need of a qualified team to join hands & heads with your onshore team.
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    The Program Head of a Multi-national conglomerate in the lookout for credible specialists to walk in at your juncture and fix your roadblocks.
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    The Head of a private organization that is not adept with the changing technology, but has envisioned a digital transformation

Our Mantra

Zinemind Technologies
Learn to Grow, be at par with Change, think Differently and be the Best at what you deliver.
At ZineMind, this is our motto. The drive that pushes us to preach, practice and implement the best of our experiences in today’s fast-pacing world.This is along with empathizing with our customers and their end users, which in turn helps us to come up with the most pragmatic solution to suit the collective cause at hand.

Some of our core values are :

  • Transparency in all affairs.
  • Clients' end goal is the final output.
  • Healthy competition always begets the best
  • Pragmatism is the cornerstone of our corporate culture.
  • Employees are family; their problem is ours.

Let's grow together. let's connect !